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Nuclear Support Services PDF Print E-mail
  • 10CFR830 Compliant DSA Development (PSAR, FSAR, BIO, etc.) update and independent safety review
  • Unreview Safety Question support
  • Mentoring in Conduct of Operations, Conduct of Maintenance, Conduct of Engineering
  • Readiness Review preparation, performance, and support
  • Nuclear "101" courses for non-nukes (general nuclear operations, criticality controls, nuclear safety, radiological controls, etc.)
  • Development and revision of Operational Training
  • Test bank development and upgrade
  • Drill program development, execution and monitorin
  • Task analysis
  • Emergency Management drill support and consulting  (operations/maintenance/emergency/abnormal procedure development and upgrade, etc.)
  • Maintenance/Modification Outage planning and scheduling, including major reactor outage
  • System and process engineering
  • Standard process development (ALARA committee, ISR committee, Operational Safety Boards, Senior Supervisory Watch program development/training/manning, software configuration control committee, etc.)
  • Quality Assurance program review, implementation and upgrade